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Our Promise

Change the climate and you will change the enviornment. 

There is a self destructive ideology among the inner city youth. In order to change the destructive path that many urban youth face, you have to fully understand the culture. 

When it comes to inner city gun violence, most so called "experts" do not relate or fully understand the culture in which gun violence exists. When the topic of inner city gun violence is discussed, the first excuse for it's existence is always pointed at low socioeconomic status.

Gun violence within inner cities varies for section to section, neighborhood to neighborhood and block to block. A counterintuitive approach is needed in order to have a longer lasting approach to this "deadly epidemic". 

In the age of social media far too often crimes and exploits are shared for attention. We believe and our promise is to better connect with urban youth through our understanding of the culture, in order to improve urban lives and experiences.

We provide experiences and training within urban culture, leading to technical skills, entrepreneurial mentorship and life skills training. 

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